Extensive Service range

Your garage door is one of the most heavily-used objects in your home, considering that you probably use it at least a couple of times per day. With that much use, it’s probably to be expected that it will break down occasionally.

When it does break down, you may wonder what to do. Fortunately, getting your garage door repaired is as simple as making a phone call to J & M Door Services.

  • Servicing all models of manual and automatic doors
  • Assistance in handling Insurance Claims

Regular garage door maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in major repairs

Lack of up-keep combined with exposure to the elements can sometimes cause garage doors to fail prematurely. This can reduce the life of the door. A good maintenance plan will keep your doors operating smoothly in all weather conditions.

Garage Door repairs can be a tricky and a dangerous operation if you don’t know what you are doing. There are extremely powerful springs that counter balance the weight of the garage door. The springs are connected through a torsion bar to cables. If the cables become loose it can be very dangerous.

Garage door repairs should be performed by an expert.

We fix all problems including:

  • Garage doors stuck open or stuck shut
  • Damaged door panels
  • Damage to tracks, rollers, springs
  • Malfunctioning garage door opener
  • We quickly replace broken garage door springs, including torsion and extension springs. These springs are under considerable pressure and need to be repaired or installed by professionals who have experience in this area